The Blackpointe Group, Incorporated began life in 2010 by linking two existing companies, Blackpointe Management and The Baker Company, LLC, into one venture with a passion for solving a core problem within the construction industry - A lack of owner / customer representation. By exclusively representing the owner's best interests through both simple and complex construction projects, Blackpointe has grown into a company customers are finding impossible to work without.


Victor Schittone started Blackpointe Management in June of 2007 as a full-time Project Management and Six Sigma consulting firm. Initially providing on-site construction management, Victor immediately identified the need for superior HOA project facilitation. Victor stepped away from single job, direct project management and into a broader configuration offering strategic planning, on-site property inspections, small & large scale project facilitation and common area maintenance services. The depth of Victor's Client base is impressive in light of the short span of time it took to create a niche that technically never existed prior. Blackpointe Management earned a General Building Contractor "B" license #969297 in January of 2012.


The Baker Company then arrived on the scene. After five years of moving up into the position of President of Operations in a Ventura County-based grading, asphalt and concrete contracting company, Jason Baker identified an opportunity to shake up the traditional contracting world by reshaping the traditional "just get bids" mentality. In April of 2008 Jason formed The Baker Company, LLC to professionally represent Clients through the daunting process of maintaining and/or reconstructing large footprints of asphalt parking lots and drive lanes. Along with this focus on parking lots, Jason developed into one of California's premier authorities on designing and reconstructing compliant disabled access parking and related path of travel requirements for existing properties. To date, The Baker Company has managed in excess of 3 million square feet of vehicular parking lot and drive lane projects and since 2010 has held a very rarely issued California General Engineering Contractor "A" license #947178 to substantiate Jason's proven field experience.


After working together on a project where Victor happened to be a property owner and a member of the Board of Directors, Jason and Victor developed a business relationship while eventually discussing the possibilities of merging their companies into one entity. With full disclosure to their Clients, Victor and Jason formed The Blackpointe Group, Incorporated in 2010 to offer a unique set of strategic planning and project facilitation services delivered to the construction industry with proven professional business practices.


We thank you for your interest in The Blackpointe Group, Incorporated. We look forward to providing exceptional service and enjoying a long-lasting relationship.