vision · (vi-sion) - noun - The act or power of seeing
Modern real property maintenance and construction projects are more complex and expensive today than any time in history. Without focused vision opportunities fail to benefit an owner's position so the ability to see the "not-so-obvious" is often the difference between a successful project and one destined for failure. The Blackpointe Group is uniquely qualified to identify the "subtleties" while providing a crystal-clear road map for success.
strategy · (strat-e-gy) - noun - A careful plan or method
Why do real property owners and managers insist on "getting bids" for maintenance & construction projects? The Blackpointe Group delivers a truly strategic alternative by facilitating projects often considered difficult to handle. Measurable results are driven by Six Sigma process techniques coupled with smart visuals, on-site field management and comprehensive documentation. These unique services provide convincing evidence The Blackpointe Group’s approach is different . . . and different is better.
control · (con-trol) - verb - Directing the course of events
Control is the driving force behind The Blackpointe Group. Without control, projects routinely spin in directions never imagined, yet when projects are professionally controlled they become positive reflections of a Client’s sound judgment. Using The Blackpointe Group assures smoother results which in turn affords owners and managers time to focus on more important tasks.
effectiveness ·
(ef-fec-tive-ness) - noun - The degree to which objectives are achieved and    the extent to which targeted problems are resolved